By: Laura M. Phillips

God may have created Man first, but he did realize Woman was needed to do 99.999% of what Men are inept at.

Or maybe it's just the common sense part of me that put all men in the stupid category. Why else would it take 7 hours for a 10 minute job?

Must be that male superiority thing.

As an example. We recently turned our attached garage into a room. I was smart enough to insist that this be done by others so that it might actually get done this century!! They had it done in 4 hours, and I know this would have taken my husband and his father a year.

Don't laugh, I'm serious. I have two bathrooms and a kitchen that are 90% done and it took a year or more to get to that point for each project. You try living without a kitchen for over a year! Of course the garage conversion is still incomplete, but everything is on the same level now.

So now we re-do the plumbing for the washer. Sounds easy, right? HA! This project took a full day and a lot of arguing to complete. I was positive that extending a piece of PVC up through the floor from the existing drain would be enough. After all, it would now be 3 feet higher.

Husband: You are out of your mind. There is NO way that will work.

Me: Yes dear, I know, so prove it to me.

Grumbling ensued as it was announced that he was going to send me to Lowe's for parts. My non response gave him the clue that I wasn't going to do this.

An hour later we pile in the car and head up to the store for parts. It wasn't that I didn't want to go out, but I hate going for parts not having a clue as to what he wants. And I could have brought the whole store home with me and it still would have been wrong. This way he can only blame himself.

To my surprise, he actually asked for assistance from an employee. WOW, we might get the right parts the first time around!!

Back home, he turns the water off for the whole house. Why I'm still not sure, we do have a cut off valve right there behind where he was working. But oh well. He puts together the pipe and new cut off valve so we now have two, but both are still under the house in an impossible spot. How does this help?

Washer is hooked up, time for a test run to see if there are any leaks, and to test the new drain pipe, which he's sure isn't going to work and water will be all over our new sub flooring.

Do you really need me to tell you who was right? I'm on load #4 right now ;)

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